Titanium bases for luxury jewels


Aerospace technology for your jewelry

Our desire to cross borders has created a product that overcomed the most of all: the atmosphere. Our SUPER ELASTIC TITANIUM  has pointed its gaze at the sky with the desire, one day, to be among the stars. And so it was!

Our SUPER ELASTIC TITANIUM was in the space, literally. It had the amazing experience of being used as a component of the space station with the purpose of demonstrating its great strength. And then it wanted to bend over backward for the spacemen, being part of their glasses.

The stars and the space have welcomed it like “dwarf on the shoulder of giants”, but they do it with a great respect. The “soul” of the jewels produced by those who collaborate with us it is invaded by the scent of the stars, it is dedicated to the child that’s in each of us and he’s gonna want to go at least among the stars.

It is ELASTIC, wraparound, strength. It comes back on Earth to impress the jewelry sector of all world. In Italy it has conquered small and big brands, but obviously is ready to accept all challenges.


One small step for Elastico, a big step for the space We was in the space, literally. The heroes of the space choose to wear our glasses under space helmets. Comfort, strenght, lightness such on stars as on the Earth!


To unite what unforeseen things have separated is the motto for biomedical industry. A long process of research leed us to substain the engagement of those works in operating rooms, thanks to the creation of staples able to recompose fractures and broken bones. The research is still going on… Who knows what we might find?


Undisputed leader of sector, big brands closely collaborate with us… Elastico and his super elastic titanium are synonymus of italian excellence applied to style, flexibility and lightness. The lovers of fashion are rendered speechless when meet us. And you… Do you know who we are? Continue to visit our website (scroll the page) to discover how you can make the difference with us!

Why choose us


Flexibility is what make us unique. We looking for it in all aspect of our life, but only us catch it in the super elastic titanium. Flexibility for us means turn your ideas into reality, your dreams in something concrete.


If our super elastic titanium could speak, it will say you: I blend, but I don’t break. Strenght for us means give way to new forms, accept new challenges (and win it!). We give the chance to the jewelers of making revolution… with us!


Light as you don’t feel on, synonymus for comfort that doesn’t make discount on elegance. We think beyond the box to help to produce jewels unique such in lightness as in fit.

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